The 25 Cities Initiative is Launching in San Diego

25 citiesLast month, eight representatives from local agencies in San Diego traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in a two-day workshop at the launch of the 25 Cities Initiative. This initiative is a national effort to assist 25 communities in accelerating and aligning existing efforts toward ending Veteran and chronic homelessness.

At this two-day workshop, San Diego participants established a set of goals focused on creating a Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement (CAHP) System in downtown San Diego in a 100 day project.

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Goals of the San Diego team include:

  • Building the Community Team: This project will begin in early June in efforts to build the local community team that will take part in this initiative.
  • Implementing a Common Assessment Tool: For the first pilot, San Diego will use the Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization and Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) to measure its success and determine the future use of this tool.
  • Prioritization: San Diego will target resources to Veterans and the chronically homeless first and build a CAHP system to serve these individuals and families.
  • Clearing the Path: During this 100 day project, the San Diego team will work with the Community Design Team to attract resources to and ensure the successful implementation of the CAHP.